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Our philosophy is that no two businesses have identical needs, nor do they warrant identical treatment.  For that reason, we do not begin a relationship with a solution.  For us, a more logical method involves an examination, a diagnosis, a plan of treatment, and only then, a cure.  Once you get to know us, you will see why other companies have chosen us, and the following are a few of the reasons.

Operational efficiencies are derived from a strict adherence to five guiding principles: communication, competence, cleanliness, character, and consistency. 
We have learned over the years that communication is vital to maintaining a smooth operation, which benefits both us and our clients.  We expect our crews to treat the client’s business as if it were their own.  And we respond quickly to every single request of our clients to assure maximum satisfaction.

Consistent quality is what you can expect from Cedar Building Services.  
We train, supervise and inspect our janitor’s performance to ensure quality service.  Our janitorial supervisors track the progress and quality of the janitor’s work, by performing meticulous inspections, so we can confidently guarantee the results.

Staff retention has been our company’s primary accomplishment over the years.  
Generous pay, employee benefits and incentives, along with participation in company’s events, create a sense of security, which increases our employee’s motivation and productivity. Minimal turnover helps reduce cost, which are passed on to the clients in the form of savings and increased service level.

Cedar Building Services believes in and advocates diversity in the work place.  
We support all the equal employment opportunity laws, and in fact, our employees come from many different backgrounds.  The majority of key personnel come to us from different countries around the world.  All employees are treated equally, and our employee’s good attitudes and a solid work ethics, are highly valued by our management team.

Our company has sufficient capabilities of handling accounts in various sizes and geographical areas. 
We have been providing top-notch services in janitorial and floor maintenances to commercial and industrial accounts ranging from 2,000 square feet to 300,000 square feet in Great Puget Sound region especially from Kirkland to Tacoma geographically.