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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much will this cost me?
As with any custom service, the cost to a client varies depending on the time and detail that any given project involves. In any aspect of our service, we are more than willing to work out a solution to your specific needs, and that includes sticking to a predetermine budget if necessary.

Q. What areas do you serve?
At this time, Cedar Building Services covers what we like to call the Greater Puget Sound area. This means anywhere from Kirkland to Tacoma. If you think you may be outside of our service area, don't jump to conclusions! Give us a call, or drop an e-mail. We're getting bigger and better every day; still holding on to our standards of excellence, but becoming part of a larger community. 

Q. What is your quality control process?
On-going training is provided for janitors. Supervisors check their assigned buildings nightly to ensure the work is done properly. Operations managers rove throughout the evening conducting nightly checks. Our trainer works directly with the new hires until the operation manager or supervisor concludes that adequate training has been done. Continuous feedback in regards to quality is given to the janitors verbally and with the aid of a written performance score card. Our clients' opinions are the key to ensuring we are getting the job done properly. All management personnel perform inspections, both operations and account representatives. Product control is also essential to our quality control and we are continually monitoring and researching all existing and potential new products with our supply technicians and consultants. Whenever we need their expertise to solve the “unsolvable”, they are very willing to go to the site in order to help us identify the proper solution.

Q. Are you currently hiring?
We are always looking for that proverbial star! If you or someone you know has a passion for a job well done and knows their way around a vacuum or wet mop, we are excited to have a look at a resume or application. Experience is nice, but not necessary and a great attitude is a must. We ask that any applicants play well alone and with others. We also require a criminal background check, without exception. If you feel that you may not pass a criminal background check, we ask that you not apply, as you simply will not be hired. We know this seems harsh, but the trust of our clients is important to us, and they have to know that we are watching out for them.

If you have any comments or questions, call us, fax us, email us or use "Contact Us" section.

Address:          3702 W Valley Hwy N Ste 304 Auburn, WA 98001
Phone:             (253) 929-8866
Fax:                   (253)-929-8766
Email:                service@cedarsvc.com

Whichever method you choose, your input will be welcome and valued. Thank you for your interest in our company, and we hope to hear from you soon. Until then, good luck in your search for the right fit!