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Cedar’s Green Cleaning Policy

Proper sanitation and cleaning are important for a healthy building environment. Some cleaning products, however, can contain harmful chemicals that contaminate the environment and endanger human health. Implementing "green cleaning" practices can reduce these health, safety, and environmental risks. Green cleaning involves selecting alternative products, using those products properly, and taking other steps to reduce risks while maintaining a satisfactory level of cleanliness and disinfection.

A. Cleaning Chemicals

Cedar Building Service, Inc. has been using non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning products whenever possible. It is our plan to expand the use of green cleaning chemicals that meet Green Seal GS-42 standards in virtually every area of cleaning.

  • 1. Restroom cleaning
  • 2. Glass and surface cleaning
  • 3. General cleaning
  • 4. Carpet cleaning
  • 5. Floor coating
  • 6. Floor stripping
  • 7. If possible at all, our company uses concentrated chemicals with effective dispensing systems to minimize chemical exposure.

B. Equipment

Air pollution potential, irritation to lung, ear, back and other parts of the human body, and unnecessary over use of chemicals may be caused if improper equipment is used while cleaning.  To attain maximum prevention of the unwanted results, we carefully examine when purchasing the cleaning equipment, and use the most environmentally friendly equipment in the facilities.

  • 1. Vacuum cleaner: Micro filtered commercial vacuum, approved by American Lung Association, with a sound level less than 70db.
  • 2. Hot water extraction machine: Drying time less than 24 hours.
  • 3. Power and maintenance equipment: Operating at less than 70db of sound level.
  • 4. Scrubbing machine: Equipped with variable-speed cleaning fluid feed pump.
  • 5. Floor polisher: With vacuum attachments to prevent fine dust particles into air.
  • 6. Ergonomically designed equipment, with rubber bumpers to minimize back pain, body bruise and damage to furniture.

C. Training and Review

As our company obtain and adopt green cleaning products, equipment and procedures, we focus to training and ongoing education for our entire staff. The following procedure has been designed and implemented to assure the green cleaning policies are understood and are being maintained.

  • 1. In-House Training: Conducted by our operations manager or a vendor’s representative.
  • 2. On-Site Training: For the cleaning crew in the field.
  • 3. Follow-Up and Monitoring: Checked by regional supervisors.