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We Offer Full Service Building Maintenance

  • Janitorial service (7 times a week, or 6/5/4/3/2/1 time(s) a week)
  • Restroom’s consumable supplies
  • Day porter service
  • Construction cleanup
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Floor refinishing
  • Window washing
  • Pressure washing
  • Parking lot cleaning


Janitorial Service (Routine Maintenance)

We provide customized janitorial services tailored to the needs of our clients...within budget...on time...with an obsessive dedication to getting it right for you - not just the first time - but every time!
At Cedar Building Services, our on-site cleaning specialists are highly trained and motivated to exceed your expectations.
Here is a quick reference outlining some of the industries where we provide value-added janitorial services:

  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Individual Offices
  • Schools
  • Medical Groups
  • Banks/Financial Institutions
  • Retail Stores
  • Religious Institutions
  • Factories/Industrial Buildings
  • Sports Facilities
  • Institutional Facilities
  • Government Facilities
  • Transportation Companies
  • Country Clubs
  • And other facilities

Commercial Carpet Maintenance

The cleaning and maintenance of commercial carpet has long been one of the most misunderstood aspects of a good total maintenance program. Commercial carpet will generally have higher traffic and soiling conditions, which may require different cleaning procedures and cleaning agents. As it requires more frequent cleaning and quicker drying times it is better served by a systematic maintenance program.

Our Staff
The key to any successful maintenance program is our carpet care professional. These professional cleaners are experienced, and dedicated to their profession. Here are some of the things you can expect from our carpet care technicians.

  • State of the art equipment and chemicals
  • Well groomed and uniformed
  • Closely supervised and monitored


Pre-Cleaning Inspection
Things to consider are traffic and soiling conditions, amount of down time required for drying, carpet construction and type of installation, as well as customer expectations and budget. To look for any pre-existing conditions such as spots, stains, excessive wear, open seams or any other type of damage, our technicians use their professional expertise, and choose the best solution depending on each special situation.

Bonnet Cleaning
Carpets are bonnet cleaned using the rotary action encompassed by specifically designed floor machines for maximum productivity. A non-residual cleaning solution is pressure sprayed on the carpet and all stains and soiling are absorbed onto the bonnet pad, while a fluorochemical is applied in continuous action. This process will maintain the carpet and even eliminate the need for corrective cleaning in lower traffic areas.

Hot Water Extraction – Deep Cleaning Method
Scheduled periodic overall deep cleaning with hot water extraction is required to keep carpets in all areas looking their best. Water extraction cleans to the base of the fiber. It is our recommendation that on new carpet installations hot water extraction be performed only with clean, clear water and when necessary, a pH adjusted rinse (depending on pH of carpet fibers) for best long-term results.

Water extraction cleans to the base of the carpet fibers when performed properly; removing any residual dirt and debris. If left unclean, fungus, mold and bacteria could form causing unpleasant odors. For productivity, hot water extraction simultaneously washes, rinses, and vacuums your carpet. A combination of hot water and agitation cleans and rinses the carpet, while a vacuum carries away the soiled water.

Commercial Floor Maintenance

The goal of every floor maintenance program is spectacular looking floors. Properly maintained floors project a superior image and reflect the overall effectiveness of the maintenance staff and the floor care program incorporated. Modern technology provides us with the opportunity to achieve floor appearance and condition levels, which were impossible a few years ago. In order to achieve these levels, a floor care program must incorporate the right combination of equipment, chemicals and procedures. Cedar Building Services are proud to offer this program detailing the proper equipment chemicals and procedures. Spectacular floors are a reality when implementing our floor maintenance program.

Our Floor Maintenance Program Specifications

Step 1
The Initial Preparation (Usually 1x/year)
The first step is to properly prepare the floor for seal and finish coats. The success of entire program depends on the condition of the floor prior to the application of finish coats. The floor should be stripped under the following conditions:

  • If it s a new floor (optional scrub)
  • If you are incorporating a new floor care program
  • If you are changing chemical manufacturers
  • The finish of the floors is of an unknown identity
  • The finish is irreparably damaged (i.e. deep scratches, dirt imbedded from recoats without proper cleaning)
  • Finish is pealing flaking or yellowing
  • Finish is heavily built up along edges near the wall worn down in traffic areas

  • Dust mops the entire floor area removing all loose dirt and trash. Apply stripping solution with rayon mop to a manageable area. Machine scrub floors.
  • Scrub hard to reach areas by hand utilizing a hand brush or scrub pad.
  • Pick up stripping solution with a wet/dry vacuum or automatic scrubber using a clean mop and bucket the floor will be rinsed thoroughly. Apply floor sealer to effectively seal all stripped floors.
  • Apply four coats of high quality metal interlock floor finish with 24% solids to obtain maximum shine potential high speed buff in between coats.

Step 2
Maintenance Stage: High Speed Burnishing (1x/week or 1x/month)

  • Dust mops the entire floor area removing all loose dirt and trash. Apply stripping solution with rayon mop to a manageable area. Machine scrub floors.
  • Spot mop any areas where excessive spills, dirt or moisture have been tracked onto floors.
  • Using a neutral detergent in solution utilizing a battery operated automatic scrubber and thoroughly scrub entire floor area.
  • Using a burnisher and high speed floor pad burnish entire floor to restore gloss.
  • Weekly or monthly or as required; or every fifth time the floor is burnished an application of wax based restorer will be applied to the floor diluted in water and allowed to dry then burnished.
  • As the overall appearance and condition levels begin to diminish a scrub and recoat program will be undertaken.

Step 3
Scrub and Recoat (1x/month or 1x/quarter)
A Scrub and Recoat program will be used in conjunction with the High Speed Burnishing program. The Scrub and Recoat program rejuvenates both the condition levels and appearance levels of the floor by aggressively cleaning the area and applying an additional coat or coats of wax.

  • Dust mop the entire floor area to be cleaned and recoated making certain to remove   all loose dirt and trash
  • Using the automatic scrubber with scrubbing pad, scrub entire floor area to be           recoated.           
  • After the area is rinsed with clear water, recoat with floor finish.