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“Honestly, not sure if you are the right person, but I would like to let the company that does our nightly janitorial services know that the employees who service, empty the trash, clean bathrooms, etc. are doing a FANTASTIC job! I sincerely appreciate their hard work, it is great to come in each day and have a “sparkling” environment. Thanks for forwarding this information to the CEO of this service.”

Kathy H.
Account Executive


The staff of Cedar Building Services has provided service of the utmost quality on a day in and day out basis over the eight years they have been associated with our business. They have always responded immediately to building emergencies or other in-house situations requiring quick response. When we have presented them with issues in need of resolution, they have not hesitated to do what it takes to resolve them without question.”

Bette S.
Property Manager


“I would like to thank you and your staff for the great job of cleaning our building last week. We received many compliments on how great the building looked, and I want to give your company credit for helping make it look good for the grand opening. I appreciate your company’s dedication and assistance in helping us on such an important event.”

Stephen N.
Executive Director


Cedar Building Services has provided janitorial services for our office building for over ten years.  The janitors do a great job, are consistent, and the customer service is excellent.  If there is ever a problem, I can call or email the office, and get a quick response.  I appreciate the attention you give us, and would recommend the services of Cedar Building Services.”

Carolyn P.
Property Manager


“Over the years I have always found them to be a dependable and efficient company.  There is never a need to remind them of tasks to be done.  Pricing is always a major consideration.  I have found Cedar Building Services to be very competitive.  Getting excellent service, with a high level of quality at a competitive price is rare today.”

Ray T.
Plant Safety Manager


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for your attention to detail in cleaning our various sites.  It can be difficult to clean offices and childcare facilities since the demands of each are a bit different but your crews are more than capable in handling the task.  You have been very flexible in working within our many demands and we really appreciate this part of your service.”

Kris M.
Vendor Coordinator


“I am sorry to inform you that we will be discontinuing our janitorial service with Cedar Building Services effective the end of this month.  We are relocating to a smaller office space that is a “full service” facility and the landlord provides the janitorial service.  I want to thank you for the past years of excellent service we have received from your company.  Yu have been great to work with and have been nothing but cooperative and generous.  I will leave the company after this move, but I can highly recommend you to any new company I may work for in the future.”

April B.
Office Manager


“Over the years the staff has provided the utmost quality of service.  If there is any special project that needs to be completed they are always been very prompt and efficient.  The staff has been very pleasant and efficient in anything that is asked of them.”

Cathie W.
Property Manager


“We have been leasing the office for the past year and would like to express our gratitude for the excellent job your maintenance people have been doing.  Since your crew started working in our building, our office is vacuumed each and every night and the ladies bathroom is so much cleaner.  Also the front entry and the halls have never looked so good.  We are so pleased with your crew.  Thank you.”

Patricia B.

“Cedar Building Services has been our janitorial service for the past year.  They clean our office, kitchen, bathroom and operating rooms.  They are thorough, dependable and trustworthy.  Also the rep follows up with me on a regular basis to ensure we are happy.  I highly recommend using them in your facility.”

Liz S.
Center Director


“Through the relationship Cedar Building Services has proven to us that their satisfaction derives from helping their customers.  The company is a professional, courteous and a quick to help company.  Whenever an issue arises, they are timely in responding to the issue at hand.”

Dan K.
Property Manager


“Please allow me to thank you for the work your company has performed at our buildings.  The cleaning took a noticeable step up once you came on-board and has remained consistent over the past 4 years.  Your policy of not letting anyone into a building when they don’t have the property security access is highly prized.  On more than one occasion, tenants have chosen space in our buildings because of the level of safety we provide.”

Janice S.
Property Manager

“I have found Cedar to be very committed to customer service.  They always respond quickly to building emergencies that arise and are very dependable on a day-to-day basis.  Cedar’s staff is always personable, helpful and easy to work with.  They provide an excellent, quality service at a very competitive price.”

Autumn L.
Assistant Property Manager


Cedar Building Services has provided janitorial services for our building for over ten years.  During that time they have been dependable, efficient, responsive, and price competitive, performing every task that we have asked them to do.  In addition, they have provided excellent special services when required.  I highly recommend them to any company looking for professional cleaning services.”

Dan W.
Senior Property Manager